My official stuff collection

Here is my personal collection of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler official stuff

Dire StraitsVertigo9102 021 UKLP, Album1978
Dire StraitsVertigoRJ-7541 JapanLP, Album1978
Dire StraitsVertigo800 051-2 EuropeCD, Album, RE, RM, RP?
Sultans Of SwingVertigo60 59 206 Spain7", Single1978
Sultans Of SwingPGP RTB, Philips, VertigoS 54 039, 6059 208,
S 54039
 Yugoslavia7", Single1979
Sultans Of SwingVertigoDSTR 312 UK12", Single, 45 RPM?
Sultans Of SwingVertigo6173 585 France7", Single1979
CommuniquèVertigo9102 031 FranceLP, Album1979
CommuniquèVertigo800 052-2 EuropeCD, Album, RE, RM, SBM?
Lady WriterVertigo60 59 230 Spain7", Single1979
Lady WriterVertig6059 230 Germany7", Single1979
Lady WriterVertigo6059 230 Netherlands7", Single1979
Making MoviesVertigo6359 034 UKLP, Album1980
Making MoviesVertigo800 050-2 EuropeCD, Album, RE, RM?
Tunnel Of LoveVertigo6059 350 Germany7", Single1980
Tunnel Of Love (Part One & Part Two)Vertigo6059 350 Italy7"1980
Skateaway / Tunnel Of LoveWarner Bros. RecordsPRO-A-926 USA12", Promo, 33 ⅓ RPM1980
SkateawayVertigoMOVIE 2 UK7", Single1980
Tunnel Of Love (Part 1 & 2) = El Tunel Del AmorVertigo, Vertigo6059 350, 60 59 350 Spain7"1980
Romeo And JulietPGP RTB, Philips1220063 Yugoslavia7", Single1981
SkateawayVertigo60 59 388 Spain7"1981
Dire StraitsAmiga8 55 833German Democratic Republic (GDR)LP, Compilation, Red Label1981
Love Over GoldVertigo6359 109 SpainLP, Album1982
Love Over GoldVertigo6359 109 UKLP, Album1982
Love Over Gold = Любовь Дороже ЗолотаМелодияС60 24731 001 USSRLP, Album, Reissue1986
Love Over GoldVertigo800 088-2 EuropeCD, Album, RE, RM, RP?
Private InvestigationsVertigo6205 060 Belgium7"1982
Private InvestigationsVertigoDSTR 112 UK12", 45 RPM, Single1982
Private InvestigationsVertigo, Vertigo6059 564, 6059564 Italy7", Single1982
ExtendeDancEPlayVertigo6205 062 Netherlands7", EP1983
ExtendeDancEPlayVertigo6400 747 Netherlands12", EP1983
ExtendeDancEPlayWarner Bros. Records, Warner Bros. Records0-29800, 9 29800-0 A USA12", EP1983
Alchemy - Dire Straits LiveVertigo, VertigoVERY 11, 818 243-1 UK2xLP, Album, Gat1984
Alchemy - Dire Straits LiveVertigo818 243-2 Europe2xCD, Album, RE, RM, RP?
Alchemy - Dire Straits Live Part OneVertigo818 244-2 EuropeCD, Album, RE?
Alchemy - Dire Straits Live Part TwoVertigo818 245-2 EuropeCD, Album, RE?
Alchemy - Dire Straits LiveUniversal Music DVD Video0602527336305 EuropeDVD-V, NTSC2010
Live - Love Over Gold / Solid RockVertigo818 283-7 Netherlands7"1984
Live - Love Over Gold / Solid RockVertigo818 283-1Q, 818 283-1 Germany12", 45 RPM, Maxi-Single1984
Solid rock / Expresso love / Sultans of SwingWarner Bros. RecordsPRO-A-2149 USA12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo1984
Brothers In ArmsVertigo824 499-2 EuropeCD, Album, RE, RM1996
Brothers In ArmsVertigo, VertigoVERH 25, VERH25 UKLP, Album, RE?
Brothers In ArmsPhilips, PGP RTB, Vertigo222 499-1, 2420279, VERH 25 YugoslaviaLP, Album1985
Brothers In ArmsVertigo884 240-7 Q Germany7", Single, Ltd, Pic1985
Brothers In ArmsVertigoDSTR 1112 UK12", 45 RPM, Single1985
Money For NothingVertigoDSTR 10 UKUK7", Single, Sil1985
Money For NothingVertigoDSTR 10 UK7", Single, Sil1985
Money For NothingWarner Bros. RecordsPRO-A-2328 USA12", Promo, 33 ⅓ RPM1985
Money For Nothing (Full Length Version)VertigoDSTR 1012UK12", Single1985
Walk Of LifeVertigo880 994-7Spain7"1985
Walk Of LifeVertigoDSTR 1212UK12", Single1985
Walk Of LifeVertigo, Phonogram884 372-1GermanyVinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Maxi-Single1985
Walk Of LifeWarner Bros. RecordsPRO-A-2384USA12", Promo, 33 ⅓ RPM1985
So Far AwayVertigoDSTR 9UK7", Single, Pap1985
So Far AwayVertigoSOVXD 2362Canada2x12", Single, Ltd1985
So Far AwayWarner Bros. RecordsPRO-A-2464USA12", Promo, 33 ⅓ RPM1985
So Far AwayVertigo, Phonogram880 703-1, 880.703-1France12"1985
Brothers In ArmsVertigo, PhonogramDSPIC 11UK7", Shape, Pic1985
Your Latest Trick / Head Over HeelsMercury2801 125Brazil12", Single, Promo1985
Brothers In Arms / I BelieveMercury2801 132Brazil12", Single, Promo1986
Your Latest TrickVertigo7PP-208Japan7", Single1986
Your Latest TrickVertigoDSTR 1312UK12"1986
Money For NothingVertigo836 419-1NetherlandsLP, Comp1988
Money For NothingVertigo, Phonogram836 419-2EuropeCD, Comp1988
Sultans Of Swing / Portobello Belle - Live / Romeo And Juliet / Money For NothingPhonogram, VertigoDSCD 15, 872 029-2EuropeCD, Single1988
Sultans Of Swing / Portobello Belle/Live / Romeo & Juliet / Money For NothingVertigo, Vertigo872 611-2, DSCD 15 GermanyCD, Maxi, Ltd, RE?
Sultans Of Swing / Portobello Belle (Live)Vertigo2801 306 Brazil12", Single, Promo1988
Until SeptemberVertigoSEPT 1 UKCD, Comp, Promo1991
On Every StreetVertigo510 160-1 SpainLP, Album1991
On Every StreetVertigo, Vertigo510 160-2, 510160-2 ArgentinaCD, Album1991
On Every StreetVertigo510 160-2 GermanyCD, Album, RM1996
Heavy FuelVertigoDSHAM 17 UKCD, Mini, Single, Ltd1991
Heavy FuelVertigo, VertigoDSTR 1712, 866 091-1 Europe12", EP1991
On Every StreetVertigoPHIL 1 EuropeCD, Comp, Ltd, Num1991
On Every StreetVertigo, VertigoDSCDC 18, 866 411 - 2 UKCD, Single, Dig1992
Calling ElvisVertigo, Vertigo868 757-2, DS CD 16 EuropeCD, Single1991
Calling ElvisVertigo, Vertigo, VertigoDSTR 16, 868 756-7, DSTR16 UK7", Single, Sil1991
Calling ElvisVertigo2801 521 Brazil12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo1991
The BugVertigo866 966-7 Netherlands7", Single1992
The BugVertigo866 967-2EuropeCD, Single1992
On The NightVertigo514 766-1Spain2xLP, Album1993
On The NightVertigo514 766-2EuropeCD, Album1993
On The NightUniversal Music, Universal Music982 317-9, 06024 982 317-9EuropeDVD-V, PAL2004
Your Latest Trick (Live)VertigoSAMPLER OTN 2 UKCD, Single, Promo1993
EncoresVertigo, VertigoDSCD 20, 862 209-2 EuropeCD, Single1993
EncoresVertigo, Vertigo862 209-1, DSTR 2012 Europe12", 45 RPM, EP1993
Live At The BBCVertigo528 323-2 EuropeCD, Album, RE, RP?
Sultans Of Swing (The Very Best Of Dire Straits)Vertigo558 658-2 EuropeHDCD, Comp1998
Sultans Of SwingVertigoSULT 98 UKHDCD, Single, Promo, RE1998
Sultans Of Swing (The Very Best Of Dire Straits)Vertigo, Mercury5380032 EuropeHDCD, Comp + HDCD, Album + Ltd1998
Sultans Of Swing - The Very Best Of Dire StraitsUniversal Music DVD Video, Vertigo982 318-1 EuropeDVD-V, Comp, PAL2004
The Honky Tonk DemosMercury4721635 Europe2x7", EP, Ltd2015
Missing... Presumed Having A Good TimeVertigo, Phonogram842 671-1 UKLP, Album1990
Local HeroVertigo811 038-1 FranceLP, Album1983
Storybook Love (Theme From The Princess Bride)Vertigo888 989-1 Europe12", Maxi1987
Last Exit To BrooklynVertigo, Phonogram838 725-1 EuropeLP, Album1989
Neck And NeckColumbia, Columbia467435 2, COL 467435 2 EuropeCD, Album, RP1995
Golden HeartVertigo514 732-2 EuropeHDCD, Album, RE?
ImeldaVertigo 3371 FranceCD, Single, Promo1996
Four From The Heart VertigoGOLD 2 UKHDCD, Promo, Smplr1996
Darling PrettyVertigoGOLD 3 UKHDCD, Single, Promo1996
Rudiger VertigoGOLD 6 UKHDCD, Single, Promo1996
CannibalsVertigoVERDJ 89 UKCD, Single, Promo1996
CannibalsVertigo, Vertigo852 973-2, VERDD 89 NetherlandsHDCD, Single, Ltd, Tou1996
Golden HeartVertigo, VertigoGold 5, GOLD 5 EuropeHDCD, Single, Promo1996
Darling PrettyVertigo, VertigoVERCD 88, 852 757-2 UKHDCD, Single1996
MetrolandMercury, UMC00602557128864 EuropeLP, Album, Limited Edition, Clear2020
Sailing To PhiladelphiaMercury542 477-2 EuropeHDCD, Album2000
Sailing To PhiladelphiaWarner Bros. Records9 47753-2 USAHDCD, Album2000
What It IsMercury562 885-2 EuropeHDCD, Single2000
What It IsWarner Bros. RecordsPRO-CD-100345 USAHDCD, Single, Promo2000
...A La LeyendaMercuryCDP 600-2 MexicoCD-ROM, Promo2000
Past To PresentMercuryMKROM 1 EuropeCD-ROM, Enh, Promo2000
Sailing To PhiladelphiaMercurySTPCJ 1 EuropeCD, Single, Promo2000
Sailing To PhiladelphiaMercury Records0092808 UKCD-ROM, Promo2000
SamplerWarner Bros. RecordsPRO-CD-100343 USACD, Comp, Promo, Smplr, Car2000
Silvertown BluesMercury5886562 EuropeHDCD, Single2001
SamplerWarner Bros. RecordsPRO-CD 100475 USACD, Promo, Smplr2001
The Ragpicker's DreamMercury063 292-1 Europe2xLP, Album, Ltd2002
The Ragpicker's DreamMercury063 293-2 EuropeCD, Album + CD, Enh, S/Edition + Ltd2002
The Ragpicker's DreamMercury, Warner Bros. Records9 48318-2 USACD, Album, RE?
Why Aye ManMercury0639072 EuropeCD, Single2002
Why Aye ManMercuryWHYCJ1 EuropeCD, Single, Promo2002
Hill Farmer's BluesMercurynone Spain CD, Single, Promo2002
Quality ShoeMercurynone SpainCD, Single, Promo2002
A Night In LondonUniversal Music DVD Video06024 982 337-7 EuropeDVD-V, PAL, Kee2004
Shangri-LaWarner Bros. Records48858-2 USACD, Album2004
Shangri-LaMercury9867259 EuropeCD, Album + DVD, Ltd2004
Shangri-LaMercury, Mercury9867262, 986726-2 Europe2xLP, Album, 1802004
Boom, Like ThatMercury9867836 UK7", Single, M/Print, Num2004
Boom, Like ThatMercury9867986 EuropeCD, Single2004
Boom, Like ThatMercurynone SpainCD, Single, Promo2004
Boom, Like ThatWarner Bros. RecordsPRO-CDR-101392 USACD, Single, Promo2004
The Trawlerman's SongMercury9870986 EuropeCD, EP2005
One Take Radio SessionsWarner Bros. Records49331-2 USAHDCD, EP2005
Private Investigations (The Best Of)Mercury987576-7 Europe2xLP, Comp, 1802005
All The RoadrunningWarner Bros. Records, Nonesuch44154-2 USA CD, Album2006
Real Live RoadrunningNonesuch, Warner Bros. Records44417-2 USADVD-V, Multichannel, NTSC + CD, Album2006
Kill To Get CrimsonMercury1724910 Europe2xLP, Album, Gat2007
Kill To Get CrimsonWarner Bros. Records281660-2 USACD, Album2007
True Love Will Never FadeMercury1747332 Europe7", Single, Ltd, Num2007
Punish The MonkeyMercuryMONKEYCJ1 EuropeCD, Single, Promo2007
Get LuckyMercury2708675 UKBox + 2xLP, Album + 2xCD, Album + 2xDVD-V2009
Get LuckyReprise Records520206-2 USACD, Album2009
PrivateeringMercury602537043217 Europe2xCD, Album2012
PrivateeringMercury602537043231 EuropeBox, Num + 2xLP, Album + 3xCD, Album + DVD2012
TrackerBritish Grove Records4716983 EuropeBox, Dlx, Ltd + 2xLP, Album + CD, Album + CD + DVD2015
BerylUniversal Musicnone UKCDr, Single, Promo2015
Down The Road WhereverBritish Grove Records, Virgin EMI Records, British Grove Records, Virgin EMI RecordsVBOX 3214, 00602567960584 EuropeBox, Dlx, Ltd + 2xLP, Album + LP + CD, Dlx, Car2018