This Guide comprehends only bootlegs printed on original factory pressed silver CDs and vinyl LPs.
So, no CDr, mp3, audio files, printed-on-demand, streaming or other formats are included.
Questa Guida comprende solo bootleg originali stampati su CD-Audio o LP in vinile.
Quindi, non sono inclusi CDr, mp3, file audio, stampe su richiesta, streaming o altri formati.
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- added NEW RELEASE 1 LP "Live from the Musikhalle. Hamburg, 28th October 1978" (Angel of Mercy)

- added NEW RELEASE 1 CD "Live at Paradiso" (Angel of Mercy)
- added NEW RELEASE 1 CD "On the road to Philly" (Wicker Man)
- added NEW RELEASE 1 LP "Live at the Bayou" (Angel of Mercy)
- added NEW RELEASE 2 CD "Live at Carrè" (Angel of Mercy)
- added NEW RELEASE 2 LP "Nelson Mandela benefit concert 1988" (Rounds Records)
- added NEW RELEASE 6 CD "The broadcast archives" (Laser Media)

- added NEW RELEASE 2 CD "The last swing" (Angels of Mercy)
- added NEW RELEASE 2 CD "Live in Nîmes" (Diamonds Records)

- added NEW RELEASE 1 LP "Songs from Deptford - Live in London" (Angels of Mercy)

- added NEW RELEASE 1 CD "The Talking Heads Tour" (Golden Eggs)
- added NEW RELEASE 1 LP "Fraternal feeling" (Angels of Mercy)
- added NEW RELEASE 1 LP "Sultans of San Francisco" (Pearl Hunter Records)

- added NEW RELEASE 2 LP "Perfect Investigations" (Madenebe Records)
- added NEW RELEASE 3 LP "Secrets in the closet" (Madenebe Records)

- added NEW RELEASE 5 CD "The broadcast collection 1979-1992" (Cult Legends)
- added NEW RELEASE 3 CD "Transmission impossible" (Eat to the beat)
- added NEW RELEASE LP "Best of Sydney 1986" (Cult Legends)

- added new version of the CD "Lady Love" (Lobster)
- added new version of the CD "Goin' home" (Bucaneer Records)

- added NEW RELEASE LP "Ticket to heaven Vol. 1" (Madenebe Records)
- added NEW RELEASE LP "Ticket to heaven Vol. 2" (Madenebe Records)
- corrected wrong disc scan in CD "London 1985" (Live Storm)

- added new version of the CD "Live USA" (Imtrat)

- added new version of the CD "London 1985" (Golden Stars)
- added NEW RELEASE double CD "When we visited Japan" (Golden Eggs)

- added NEW RELEASE LP "One night only Newcastle ‘89" (Casino Records)
- added NEW RELEASE CD "Nelson Mandela benefit concert 1988" (Good Ship Funke)

- added NEW RELEASE LP "Wembley Nights" (Casino Records)

- added NEW RELEASE double CD + DVD "Live box" (Laser Media)

- added NEW RELEASE CD "Autumn in Nimes" (Rhythm and Blues Records)
- corrected notes in CD "Walk of live" (Kakadu records)

- Guide completely revised

- completed all CD scans

- added new version of the CD "Rotterdam 1978" (Golden Stars)
- added new version of the CD "On stage" (Live Storm)
- added NEW RELEASE CD "Sultans of swing - Live in Germany" (Novodisc Mídia Digital Da Amazônia Ltda.)
- added new version of the CD "London 1985" (Live Storm)
- added NEW RELEASE CD "Dire Straits live" (US)
- corrected notes in CD "Straiting out things"
- corrected notes in CD "On the road to Philadelphia" (Seagull Records)
- added new version of the CD "On the road to Philadelphia" (Seagull Records)

- added CD scan of the CD "Boarding Houses" (Grexit Records)
- added CD scan of the CD "One World" (PR-RECORDS)
- added CD scan od the CD "Sultans of swing - Live in Germany" (Novodisc Mídia Digital Da Amazônia)
- added CD scan of the CD "Bjiou"

- added CD scans of the CD "Walk on stage" (Men At Work)
- corrected notes in "Walk on stage" (Men At Work), "Perfect investigations" (Beach Martens), "Around South America" (New Keruac Line), "Thank you Australia and New Zealand" (Spencer Records) 

- added CD scans of the double CD box "Calling Elvis" (Red Phantom)
- added CD scans of the double CD "Cocaine" (Men at Work)
- added CD scan of the CD "The event" (Capital Records)
- corrected songs and notes in CD "Brothers in Mark" (On the Air)
- added and merged versions of CD "Live USA" (Imtrat)

- added CD scan of the CD "One world" (PR-RECORDS; jewel-case version)
- added CDs scan of the double CD "Australian dream" (NeverEnd)

- added back cover of CD "Boston 1979" (Live Storm)
- added NEW RELEASE double CD "Down Under" (Good Ship Funke)

- Guide completely renewed